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La fixité du milieu intérieur est la condition de la vie libre.
Claude Bernard

Basic Information Processing Structures

  1. Feedforward and Feedback Controls
    Mechanisms that compensate for an often unpredictable environment
    1. Subtractive 0th order linear feedback control
    2. Subtractive 0th order linear feedback control with load
    3. Subtractive 1st order linear feedback control with load
    4. Quotient 0th order feedback control
    5. Combined feedback and feedforward control
  2. Components
    Essential Subsystems
    1. Lateral inhibition (subtractive, feedforward, simplest form)
    2. Lateral inhibition (subtractive, feedforward, with weighting)
    3. Lateral inhibition (quotient type, feedforward, with weighting)
    4. Antagonistic redundancy (subtractive)
    5. Antagonistic redundancy (divisive)
    6. Antagonistic redundancy (Michaelis-Menten-Kinetics)
    7. Antagonistic redundancy (Michaelis-Menten-Kinetics, inverting)
    8. ASIA element
  3. Appendix
    1. Legend for symbols used in IPS graphs




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